Net Worth Tracking Can’t Replace My Budget

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Earlier this week I shared my Net Worth Tracking sheet with all of you. It's definitely my favorite spreadsheet, and the one I most look forward to updating every month. In fact, recently I've felt like I don't even want to budget at all. I log into my accounts, grab the totals, throw them all in the budget and cry

I Gotta Quit the ‘Bucks!

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My post today comes from an awesome experience this weekend helping the Thousandaire Girlfriend (Tag) make her first budget. If you remember Tag from my first music video, the way to win her heart in that video was to have a budget and be smart financially. In real life, she didn't even have a budget herself! Bad girl Tag! We

HR is Just Screwing With Me. I Hope.

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I received an email at work today from someone today who can only be described as the "Dark Messenger of Absurd Decisions that Ruin Budgets and Hate Puppies". Or maybe an anonymous HR person. (I guess there are two options) This sinister email informed me that as of January 2011, all employees will be paid bi-weekly instead of semi-monthly. Are

Create Your Budget – Spreadsheet

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If you want to manage your budget with a spreadsheet, here's a step by step process on how to do it. I use this method every month, and it works phenomenally. It is very easy to not only see my budget and see my actual expenses, but also see how well I am following my budget. Before you start here,

Haven’t Made A Budget

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For a downloadable MP3, go to the "Downloads" page. Haven't Made A Budget I'm not surprised, my money goes fast I've broken my bank so many times, I stopped keeping track Tried to show off with a brand new TV But we can't even watch it without electricity I tried so very hard to impress her Because I wanted so

Haven’t Made A Budget Outtakes

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While "Haven't Made A Budget" is already a critically acclaimed success, there has been so much demand for more content, that I have decided to show everyone how the making of the video was substantially funnier than the final product. I had a great cast here, as I'm sure you can already tell. I truly do want to thank everyone

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