Essential Budgeting Tips For First-Time Homeowners

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In the U.S., owning a home is still very much a rite of passage. It's part of the American Dream, after all. And in 2017, 63% of non-homeowners felt it was a good year to purchase a home. But if you're planning to buy your first house, there are certain financial pitfalls you'll need to avoid. Otherwise, your home may become

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So You Think You Can Live on Minimum Wage? Good Luck with That!

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Minimum wage might be doable if you live with your parents or a romantic partner. But on your own, it’s really tough — be prepared to make sacrifices.

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Just Because You Make Money Doesn’t Mean You Know What to Do With It

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The following is a guest post from brand new blogger Jacob who is getting started with his website I Heart Budgets. Check out his story below and then check out his brand new website! This is an interesting post for me, as it is one of my first published posts ever, and it's not even on my own blog. So,

My Budget Spreadsheet is Too Much Work

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Thousandaires, today is a big day in the history of this blog. I have officially dropped my customized budget spreadsheet and have moved to for my budgeting needs. Cue the collective *gasp* I used to think I needed a customized budget spreadsheet because I wanted to do a bunch of my own analysis. Then I realized that I never

Net Worth Tracking Can’t Replace My Budget

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Earlier this week I shared my Net Worth Tracking sheet with all of you. It's definitely my favorite spreadsheet, and the one I most look forward to updating every month. In fact, recently I've felt like I don't even want to budget at all. I log into my accounts, grab the totals, throw them all in the budget and cry

I Gotta Quit the ‘Bucks!

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My post today comes from an awesome experience this weekend helping the Thousandaire Girlfriend (Tag) make her first budget. If you remember Tag from my first music video, the way to win her heart in that video was to have a budget and be smart financially. In real life, she didn't even have a budget herself! Bad girl Tag! We