How Do Coupon Codes Save You Money In Life

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For a long time, coupons where just literally pages that came in the mail or attached to certain products that you bought. For some folks, these coupons were not exactly useful. The problem in the pre-internet era was that tracking down coupons for products that you used was pretty hard. In this day and age, however, things have changed drastically.

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Random Money Thoughts: Saving a Dollar per Transaction

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Sometimes I have so many thoughts about money swirling around in my head, I can't consolidate them into one coherent message. Here are my random money thoughts for Tuesday, September 20th. Saving a Dollar Every Time You Spend Money I heard a commercial on the radio for a Wells Fargo checking account that forces you to save by transferring a

Coupon Sharing is Stealing!

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I have been getting assaulted by readers over at Sweating the Big Stuff for my opinion on coupon sharing so I'm hoping I have a safe haven here with my beautiful Thousandaires. Let me set the stage: Daniel wrote a post "Using Personal Finance to Make Friends" where he tells a mystical tale of bestowing financial savings upon a damsel