Personal Finance Techniques In Action!

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Today I updated my monthly budget and net worth. I do it every month to prepare for the Race to $1 Million. Which, by the way, will be postponed this month. The Hoff is off wasting his time with some stupid vacation. He might have mentioned something about an engagement, but I wasn't really listening. Anyway, one of the accounts

Credit Karma Gets Even More Awesome

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I have long been a big fan of Credit Karma, a free website where you can check your TransUnion credit score every month. It's the only truly free site I know where I can track my score, so I use it every month when I update my net worth. I hate all the secrecy behind credit scoring. I hate it

How To Get a Free European Vacation

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This post was written by guest blogger Michael, the founder of Credit Card Forum. A couple months ago Kevin wrote a post about how he made $881.85 in free money last year, most of it through credit card rewards. As someone who runs a forum/blog dedicated to credit cards, you could say I know quite a bit about this topic

American Express Rewards Suck!

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Eight months ago I was pretty excited about my American Express Blue Cash Card. I love rewards credit card because I love to get paid for buying thing I would have bought anyway. Awesome. The problem with some credit card rewards programs is that they can be misleading. Actually, to say I was misled would be misleading; as far as

FICO and the BCS are Equally Stupid

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College football sucks. And not just because the Missouri Tigers have never won a National Championship. The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is the worst thing that has ever happened to sports. It's so bad that the federal government is starting to ask questions about why they have such a stupid system. If you are unfamiliar with the BCS, it is

How to Use Balance Transfers to Save Money

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I hate paying interest on debt (unless it's Good Debt). The higher the interest, the more I hate it. Here's a comparison of how much I hate certain APRs and certain foods. If you have high interest debt and want to stop paying so much interest on your loans, you can likely reduce your interest and save money. All you