Suze Orman’s Card is Not Approved by Me

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Today is Whatever Wednesday, where I decide what to write about based on what people say on Twitter and Facebook. I got a bunch of great suggestions as usual, but I really have to focus on one topic today because I think it's so important, and I'm a little pissed off about it. It came to me in a direct

The Durbin Amendment Stole Your Money

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Back when I used to write about fantasy football, I was always terrified of people reading my old posts. Basically, my job was to predict how well professional football players would perform in their NFL games. I was wrong. Frequently. If anyone ever decided he didn't like me, he could just read any one of my old posts and find

The Durbin Amendment Wants to Steal Your Rewards

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In one of the most absurd pieces of legislation I've seen, the government is trying to regulate how much money banks are allowed to charge for providing a service. The Durbin Amendment, which was signed into law last year and will go into effect on July 21, would limit debit card interchange fees to a maximum of $0.12 per swipe.