Should You Pay for Puppy Training?

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I can't believe it's already been over a month since we bought our puppy! Sydney came to us in the beginning of February weighing somewhere around seven pounds. Now she weighs about 13 pounds. She's already almost doubled in size! When we adopted Sydney, we also bought two different books about Australian Shepherds that specifically address how to train your

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

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Tag and I adopted our puppy Sydney on Thursday, January 31st. Six days later she was so sick that she had to stay overnight at a veterinary hospital with an IV giving her fluids. Holy crap were we scared! Sydney went to the vet on Monday and got some heartworm medicine. On Monday night she threw up twice, which we

I Saved a Dog!

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Last night my girlfriend Tag and I went to get frozen yogurt. I love froyo but was somewhat disappointed last night because they didn't have Fruity Pebbles. Seriously, a froyo without Fruity Pebbles is like Lady Gaga without a lobster on her face. Anyway, as we were leaving the froyo shop, Tag spotted a dog running alongside a pretty busy