Alcohol Is Expensive: How Much Is Your Cocktail Marked Up?

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I used to write various travel and recreation-related columns. One column that I was particularly proud of was called, “The Occasional Cocktail.” In this column, I would write about and review lesser known cocktails, mixed drinks, and all things related to mixology. I would experiment with new cocktails and share the experience. Moreover, I like introducing readers to drinks they

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Don’t Let Honey Boo Boo’s Mom Show You Up

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We are just over a week into 2013 and tomorrow might be your first paycheck of the new year. If you didn't get a raise then it might be smaller than you are used to because taxes have gone up. That's what happens when you live in a country that believes the government should continue to grow and it should

I’m the Master of Ceremonies at the Plutus Awards at FINCON12

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I'm sure there are a bunch of you out there thinking "I love Kevin's music videos and his sense of humor so much, I wish I could see him live!" Okay, maybe my mom is the only person actually thinking that, but I'm still excited to announce that I will be hosting the 2012 Plutus Awards (personal finance blogging awards)

A Cheap Movie Date Beats Laundry Any Day

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Last Saturday I had the whole day to myself. I had the luxury of deciding whether I should do laundry or clean my apartment. Don't be jealous. However, I decided to take my chances with what was behind door number three: see a movie with my girlfriend. Not only was this a much better option, but it only cost me

Taylor Swift is Mine (for 4 bucks)!

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I'm a 25 year-old heterosexual man and I like Taylor Swift's music. Yeah, I said it. I would marry her in a second. I actually really like her music. I think she's an exceptional songwriter and has a unique singing voice. Her songs are geared towards high school kids, but I love them because they mentally takes me