Why You Should Buy Junk Silver

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Last week I invested almost $2,500 in a bag of American coins with a face value of $100. Sounds pretty stupid right? Well, when the coins are 90% silver, it's a good deal. Dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins made in 1964 and consist of 90% silver and 10% copper. These coins are commonly referred to as junk silver.

Race to $1 Million – November Update

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The Race to $1 Million is a monthly series where Kevin McKee and The Hoff post net worth updates. The first person to reach $1 million in household net worth wins an undetermined prize. Can I get a "WOOT!" for the stock market this month. Holey freaking baloney this month was awesome. I can't hold back any longer, so here's

A 401k With Employer Matching is More Liquid Than You Think

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I want to tell you about a guy who used to work at my current job; we'll call him Liquid Larry. Liquid Larry and I talked about money quite a bit. He was pretty frugal, and always preferred to keep as much of his net worth in liquid assets. Every dollar he had to his name was in cash or

All Advice is not Created Equal

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I love non-traditional thinking. Off the wall ideas are incredible. I like to think I come up with some pretty interesting ideas myself, like not paying off your student loans or getting married for college money. But here's the thing about my crazy ideas; they are all pure. Whether I'm right or wrong, my goal is to share my opinion,

How to Prepare for a Bursting Bubble

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Yesterday I shared my Student Loan Bubble fears. While I am admittedly not an economist, I see way too many parallels between the student loan situation of today and the housing situation of the 1990's and 2000's. While I don't suggest anyone go crazy and put their entire net worth into physical gold, I do think it's important

Making Money Online

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This is a post on behalf of James Franklin If you are looking for some great way to make money via the internet, then it might not be as difficult as you think. The following methods of making money online might not guarantee to provide you with a full income, but they can be an easy way to earn a

A Risky Investment Isn’t a Bad Investment

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I would like to know when taking a risk with your money became wrong. I understand taking a risk with your money can be dangerous. It can be stressful. It is, of course, risky. But when did it become wrong? A few weeks ago I was commenting on Consumerism Commentary and Flexo wrote an article about selling some company stock

Get Aggressive With Your Play Money

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A few weeks ago we said you shouldn’t be afraid to trust other people with your money. But what about trusting other people’s investment advice? When you put your money into a mutual fund and trust somebody else to manage it, your assumption is that the person in charge will be an expert in their field (investing). However, many of

How To Invest When You’re Clueless

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My girlfriend Tag did one of the sexiest things I can imagine earlier this year. She fully funded her Roth IRA. Thanks to some fine financial coaching by yours truly, Tag realized the importance of saving for retirement and she put $5,000 into her Roth IRA in her first year after college graduation. At the young age of 23 years

Short Term Loss or Try for Long Term Gain?

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You may have noticed a theme among our weekly stock picks, and that is that we do a lot of dollar cost averaging. You might think, "You're just being lazy and don't feel like picking a new stock, so you're just redoing an old one." Well, I've definitely been accused of being lazy before, but that's not the case here.