Living Gas Tank to Gas Tank

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Last weekend I was back home spending a day with my family while I was in St. Louis, and spending time in my hometown reminded me of the days when I was in high school and didn't have more than a few hundred bucks to my name. I was driving a crappy car that hardly ever worked, but I needed

Yakezie Challenge

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My blog is still in its infancy. In fact, just yesterday I finally activated my new domain name, so this is actually the inaugural post for! (without the dash) Don't be fooled by my impressive website and insane writing skillzzzz; I'm still just a baby! This site has been up for a few months, but I've been doing behind

Tag and I Tied!

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Based on the large number of views on a post last week where I wrote about the competition with my girlfriend that decides who pays for dinner on our weekly Monday Night Football date, I decided it was only right to give you an update on the results from week one. As a quick reminder, the Thousandaire Girlfriend (Tag) and

Race to $1 Million

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I just wrote about how I'm using date night dinners to motivate myself and my girlfriend to work out. (Don't tell Tag, but I haven't made it to they gym yet this week. shhhhh.) Making something a competition has always helped me work harder and made the activity more enjoyable. There's one competition I've been doing for over

Work Out or Pay For Dinner

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I think it's about time that I introduce you to my girlfriend. You may recognize her as the lead actress in this music video. She's the thousand-aire girlfriend, so we'll call her Tag. Tag and I have different interests. I love football; especially the NFL. Right now she is completely dedicated to working out and getting in great shape. During