Raise Your Hand As High As You Can

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At the Financial Blogger conference one of the keynote speakers was Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. Pat has one of the most practical sites I've ever seen, and truly gives some great information on how to create passive income for yourself online. He has done it himself, and is pulling in over $30k A MONTH! At the end of

Lack of Experience Can Be Your Biggest Strength – Part 2

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Yesterday I told you about how I set a ridiculous goal of being one of the eight fastest swimmers in the state of Missouri, despite having very little competitive swimming experience. I'll pick up where I left off yesterday and finish the story, and then tell you the strategies I used to help me reach my goal (well, if I

Lack of Experience Can Be Your Biggest Strength – Part 1

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One of the biggest excuses I hear from people when they can't get a job or a promotion is, "I just don't have enough experience." Maybe a potential employer has told them they need more experience, or even worse, they have convinced themselves that they aren't good enough. Baloney! Just because you haven't done something, doesn't mean you can't do

Would You Shock Someone For Money?

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I am very disappointed in 96% of you. I read this study last week where participants in a study were given an option to shock someone in another room for money. Amazingly, 96% of the participants chose to shock the person in the other room. And not just once. Most people continued to shock the person over and over again

Financial Motivation Blog Swap Round-Up

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Hello friends. I bet you weren't expecting a weekend post! Well today I have the pleasure of hosting the fifth Yakezie Blog Swap. Twenty two of the best personal finance bloggers on the internet have come together to answer one question: What is your Financial Motivation? These bloggers are letting you into some of their deepest personal thoughts and motivations,

What Is Your Passion?

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The summer before my senior year of high school, I was dating a girl, Anne, and she asked me one of the deepest, most difficult questions I've ever been asked in my life. "What is your passion?" I didn't have an answer. Sure, I liked doing stuff. I played sports and had jobs and did well in school. But she