Net Worth Tracking Can’t Replace My Budget

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Earlier this week I shared my Net Worth Tracking sheet with all of you. It's definitely my favorite spreadsheet, and the one I most look forward to updating every month. In fact, recently I've felt like I don't even want to budget at all. I log into my accounts, grab the totals, throw them all in the budget and cry

Net Worth Tracking is My Favorite!

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I've always been a numbers guy. I have bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. Of the top of my head, I can tell you my exact 100 breaststroke time from each of my three years of competitive swimming (1:03.38, 1:01.21, and 1:00.15). I have my volleyball stats from my senior year of high school saved to my computer. When

Personal Finance Techniques In Action!

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Today I updated my monthly budget and net worth. I do it every month to prepare for the Race to $1 Million. Which, by the way, will be postponed this month. The Hoff is off wasting his time with some stupid vacation. He might have mentioned something about an engagement, but I wasn't really listening. Anyway, one of the accounts

Race to $1 Million – July Update

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I'm a little late on this month's Race to $1 Million update, but I needed a little bit of extra time because I have to make a confession. But before I get to the confession, here are this month's results. Kevin – $26,674.75 (+$1,534.09) The Hoff – $50,536.00 (-$3,000.00) Difference – $23,861.25 (+$4,534.09) I am destroying the Hoff. I've probably

Race to $1 Million – June Update

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Some bloggers might be embarrassed to give this month's update. I'm proud of it. Before I say any more, let me just give you the damage. Kevin – $25,140.66 (-$5,347.18) The Hoff – $53,536.00 (-$3,776.00) Difference – $28,395.34 (-$1,571.18) I lost a lot of money last month. Well, to say I lost it isn't really a good description; I know

Joe Biden’s Net Worth is Embarrassing!

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Last night I read an article on Bloomberg about how former vice president Joe Biden released his financial holdings to the public. Now I know why his administration couldn't balance a freaking budget! Joe Biden's Net Worth Age: 69 Employment: U.S. Senator from 1973-2008, Vice President 2009-2017 Average Annual Salary throughout Senate and VP Political Career: $109,988 Average Annual Salary