Would You Like to Donate to Charity?

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"Would you like to donate money to this charity?" I used to hate this question. A lot. And it gets even worse if they are a good salesperson and word it differently. For example: "Would you like to support our cause to fight world hunger? We are taking donations." If they ask like this and say "no", it sounds like

Hostility is the Best Negotiation Technique

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Hi guys, it's Daniel from Sweating The Big Stuff, back to try and kick Kevin's butt in another personal finance argument. The other two arguments have been really fun (for me at least) because I won both of them, so this time I'm going to give you an unpopular argument. Instead of being the good guy, I am advocating being

The Difference Between Action and Identity

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This is a personal finance blog, but I'm going to digress on this rare Saturday post and talk about something that has been driving me insane for the past few months. If you're only interested in the finance stuff, feel free to check out now. If you're interesting in my rant about politics, the media, and special interest groups, then

Rationalizing a Cup of Froyo

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I had an epiphany today that smacked me across the face harder than the time my best friend hit me in line at the movie theater. We were messing around, but he actually hit me kinda hard and I instinctively tried to retaliate, causing my other friends to hold me back and creating a huge scene. He likes to joke

Would You Shock Someone For Money?

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I am very disappointed in 96% of you. I read this study last week where participants in a study were given an option to shock someone in another room for money. Amazingly, 96% of the participants chose to shock the person in the other room. And not just once. Most people continued to shock the person over and over again