Credit Card Rewards Justify Things I Don’t Need

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I want a tablet. Not just any tablet either. I want the ASUS Transformer Prime. I've been waiting for this thing for months! They officially "launched" the tablet on November 9th, but still haven't set a release date. I'm told it will be available in December though, and I will preorder this baby as soon as I can. From a

I’m Addicted to Credit Card Rewards

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I love credit card rewards. Getting paid to buy something I was already going to buy. Are you serious!? Holy macaroni I love me some credit card rewards!!! Here's the problem: I can't stop earning rewards, and it's starting to cost me money. I recently received $100 and $50 Visa gift cards after signing up for AT&T U-Verse (why they

How To Get a Free European Vacation

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This post was written by guest blogger Michael, the founder of Credit Card Forum. A couple months ago Kevin wrote a post about how he made $881.85 in free money last year, most of it through credit card rewards. As someone who runs a forum/blog dedicated to credit cards, you could say I know quite a bit about this topic

American Express Rewards Suck!

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Eight months ago I was pretty excited about my American Express Blue Cash Card. I love rewards credit card because I love to get paid for buying thing I would have bought anyway. Awesome. The problem with some credit card rewards programs is that they can be misleading. Actually, to say I was misled would be misleading; as far as

I Made $881.85 in Free Money Last Year

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Some people don't like credit cards. People like Dave Ramsey believe you should never use a credit card. Well guess what? The only reason he says that is because he thinks people are idiots. Credit cards are not inherently bad; they just can be bad for people who misuse them. In reality, credit cards can be very good and can

5% Cash Back on Gas with PenFed Rewards

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Gas prices suck. Unless you take public transportation, walk, or have taught yourself how to fly, you already know this. In my Toyota Camry, I get about 23 mpg and drive about 1,000 miles a month. That means I'm buying about 43 gallons of gas a month. At current prices of about $3.50 a gallon here in Texas, that comes