Your Rewards Could Disappear at Any Moment

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As you probably know from my new website Reward Boost, I get pretty excited about earning rewards. There's nothing quite like using credit cards, paying them off every month, paying $0 in fees and interest, and getting valuable rewards in return. There's also nothing quite like having your rewards account drained to $0 without any prior warning. That's what happened

I Love $2.50 Flights from Phoenix to Dallas

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Every year my fiancee's parents do a big 3 weeks vacation in the western USA camping, hiking, and doing all kinds of fun outdoor activities. In the three previous summers I've been with Tag I've always wanted to go but never had the chance. This year I'm going! This trip is going to be a lot of fun because I'll

Find the Best Rewards Credit Cards with Reward Boost

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Have you ever wondered if you were missing out on credit card rewards by not having the right cards in your wallet? Maybe you have a few cards in your wallet and you don't know which one gives you the most rewards at each different store. You don't have to wonder anymore because I've built Reward Boost which will answer all

Reward Boost is Here!

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I've been talking about my new project for a long time. It's finally time that I share my project with all the awesome Thousandaire readers. Me and a partner (long time readers know him as The Hoff) have created a site called Reward Boost dedicated to helping people maximize their credit card and loyalty program rewards. The great news is

Get $25 Free from American Express for Small Business Saturday

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In the last few months, Tag and I have made a point to start shopping at local small businesses. I don't really buy much of anything except food, so we're pretty limited to restaurants. However, we have found some delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are generally cheaper and way more delicious than your typical chain restaurants. photo credit: flickr.com/austinevan/