Will Social Security Completely Vanish Before You Retire?

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Planning for retirement includes assuming that Social Security might not be able to cover all of your expenses. — but you should know that the benefits program probably won’t disappear either.

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Social Security Taxes the Poor to Benefit Rich White People

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I hate Social Security. I hate that it takes 6.2% of every dollar I earn (temporarily 4.2%), and takes 6.2% of my income from my employer (who would probably be paying me that extra 6.2% if they weren't paying it to the government!). Imagine how much more I could save for my own retirement if I had a 12.4% raise.

Make it 70 by 2050!

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So I couldn't get to a brand new post tonight, so it's time once again to reach back into the archives and pull forward a post from months ago that most people haven't seen yet. This one is particularly relevant right now because our government is in danger of reaching our debt limit and defaulting on our loans. We need

Social Security Holiday: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Today President Obama publicly declared support for a bill in congress that would not only extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone for the next two years, but it would also extend unemployment by 13 months and give every single working American a 2% tax break in the form of a Social Security tax holiday. Now all this bill needs