Why Nearly Half of All Americans Pay Nothing in Federal Income Tax

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When it comes to federal income tax, no one benefits as much as the taxman, no matter where you live. The Internal Revenue Service of the United States collected over $3.4 trillion in taxes in 2017. The only relatively minor silver lining to this fact is that the federal government handed out about $440 billion in refunds that same year.

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Odd Tax Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Even though the collection of taxes has a purpose, it still doesn’t seem to make anyone feel better. (At least, it doesn’t make me feel any better.) However, recently I started looking up unorthodox tax collection methods and found some interesting stuff. My motto in life is that if you don’t laugh for a minute, you’ll just end up crying

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IRS Will Let You Write Off Bitcoin Losses

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Bitcoin losses can actually work in your favor — you can write them off on your next tax return. 

Is Location Important for Saving Money?

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Where you live plays a big role in how easy or difficult it is to save money. Taxes, real estate prices, employment opportunities are just a few of the things that can be different by location and impact your savings. I live in Dallas, Texas which makes saving pretty darn easy for me. Here's why: No State Income Tax I

What If I Don’t File My Taxes On Time?

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Here's a question some of you might be wondering: "What if I don't file my taxes on time?" We are all busy people, and tax laws are very complicated. You might not have found the time to complete your taxes and you realize now that the deadline is in five days (April 17th, 2012). You're gonna need some options. Luckily

How to Avoid The Underpayment Penalty

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If you haven't done your taxes yet, you have exactly one week to get them done if you want to file on time. I already filed my taxes back in February and got my refund in March, so I'm going to be stress-free for the next week (at least as far as 2011 taxes are concerned). But I'm already looking