5 Ways To Score a Free Turkey for Thanksgiving

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Although turkey is hardly the cheapest type of meat, it’s possible to score a free bird in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas if you play your cards right.

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Thousandaire Roundup 11-19

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Have you ever needed to complete something and spent hours trying to do it unsuccessfully? Then when you finally take a break and stop trying so hard, ideas start flowing? That happened to me last night. I knew I needed to finish my Thanksgiving song because I need to record and shoot it this weekend and have it done for

Thousandaire Roundup 11-12

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So I wasn't planning on blogging tonight because I really want people to go read my post from yesterday about raising the Social Security age; so if you haven't read that one already, DO IT NOW! Pretty please. Thanks. I love you. Whoever made this is way more talented than me The plan was for the Social Security