The results are in, and after one year of racing The Hoff to $1 million dollars, I won I’m still losing by over $22,000.

Net Worth RaceYou might remember that my goal for 2011 was to get within $20k of The Hoff. That obviously didn’t happen, but I did gain $5,499 on him. That’s not a bad start. I also have a lot of things going for me this year that could have me catch up a lot more.

Unfortunately, there is a huge unknown this year so I don’t even have the slighted clue how to predict the race. The Hoff is getting married.

From the beginning, we have decided that this is a race of household income. If you get married, the spouse’s net worth counts. If he is marrying a rich girl, he might even win the whole darn thing after he says “I do.” If she has tons of debt, I might jump ahead by a ton. Who knows?

There’s also the matter of paying for the wedding, paying for the honeymoon, and all the other expenses he will incur in getting married, so I don’t expect his spending to be very low.

I just don’t know what’s going to happen when he gets married, so I can’t worry about it. I can only affect my own net worth and how much I bring in. Here are some of the reasons I think 2012 is gonna be a great year for me financially.

  • I’m actually starting to make a little money with this site, and have another website idea that will launch in the next week or so that might make me a few bucks
  • This is a non-charity year for me. That’s a $6,000 savings for me compared to 2011
  • I’m not doing any options investing in the near future, so I won’t lose a ton of money in the market
  • I’ll be working hard on paying off my student loans and getting my debt down to zero.

So my plan is to just keep kicking butt at work, making a little extra on my side jobs, and we’ll see what happens with The Hoff and the future Mrs. Hoff.

Wish me luck!

My Net Worth Graphs

Here are the details of my net worth over the last 13 months. If you want to have a super sweet spreadsheet with awesome graphs like this, just download my net worth tracker (free, as always) with instructions here and start doing it yourself!

I was +$11,629.55 for the year! I can’t complain about that!

December Net Worth

click image to make it bigger

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