is For Sale!!!!

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I got an email over the weekend that made me laugh pretty hard, but then it also made me think for a little bit. Here's the email, with the subject "I\'ll Make You A Thousanidaire" (yes, he spelled Thousandaire wrong). I have the ultimate question for you.... Will you sell me your domain name for one thousand dollars? This could

What Are The Most Annoying Co-Worker Habits?

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Here's what I've realized about me and making music videos. If I don't publicly commit to all of you wonderful readers that I'm going to do a video, it doesn't get done. I've had one idea ALMOST done for about three weeks now, and I'm not making any progress. So I'm making a commitment! I will have my next song

I Started a P90X Workout Website

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I started a new website! Don't worry. Thousandaire will continue as usual with posts 3-5 times a week and music videos (whenever I actually get around to posting them). This is a brand new, completely different site. In fact, I'm not doing it alone. Tag and I are starting a new website. That's right, we are gonna tag team on

Merry Christmas to All Thousandaires

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Merry Christmas to all Thousandaire readers! The Kevin McKee Christmas Last night I had dinner and Christmas with all of my mom's family. Because I live 600 miles away from St. Louis, I really only get together with all of my mom's family once a year at Christmas. It's one of the best nights of the year for me.

Thousandaire Site Update – 12/18/11

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Bad news guys. No music video this month for the second month in a row. I know, I'm terrible! Bad Music Video News I'm in a Christmas Concert at my church on Wednesday. Monday is our final normal rehearsal, Tuesday is the dress rehearsal, and Wednesday is the performance. Friday night is date night where Tag and I are going

Join the Money Pros 2012 Index Fund Challenge

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Do you like picking stocks? I do. I like it best when I pick the right ones, but just picking them in general is fun. If you think you can pick stocks better than a bunch of personal finance bloggers, you should join the Money Pros 2012 Index Fund Challenge. Enter the Money Pros Index Fund Challenge It's simple. You