Offer Legitimate Tech Support In Your Online Business

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The world had come a long way from the days when tech support was usually local, often came to your home to fix your device, and any tech that could access the Internet was a long-term investment. Nowadays, with even devices that cost almost as much as a used car being thought of as disposable, tech support has gotten a

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Can You Save Money On Card Processing Fees?

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If your business accepts credit card payments, you have to understand that there will always be a processing fee to pay for each transaction. Generally, merchant account companies charge businesses up to 5% of their overall credit card sales. There’s no way for you to avoid card processing fees because they are inevitable. You can, however, reduce your card processing

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Unique Ways Cane’s Chicken Fingers Saves Money

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I had lunch at Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers earlier this week. From the time I ordered at the counter to when I sat down, I noticed four incredibly unique and innovative ways that this restaurant is saving more money than other fast food restaurants. While I don't know if I would do all of these things if I owned a

Government Wastes Money on Financial Literacy

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If you follow political or financial news, you probably saw the Government Accountability Office's report about redundancy in the federal government. If you've ever worked in Corporate America, you know exactly how bad redundancy can be in a large company. Then extrapolate that for something the size of the federal government. All of a sudden, finding a trillion dollars in