Write Off Your Charitable Donations. You Earned It.

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Last week there was a very heated discussion on Punch Debt's site about whether or not it is "right" to take a tax deduction on charitable giving. Being someone who is always willing to insert myself into a heated debate, I'm happy to share my two or three cents here. Not only is it absolutely "right" to write off charitable

I Saved a Dog!

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Last night my girlfriend Tag and I went to get frozen yogurt. I love froyo but was somewhat disappointed last night because they didn't have Fruity Pebbles. Seriously, a froyo without Fruity Pebbles is like Lady Gaga without a lobster on her face. Anyway, as we were leaving the froyo shop, Tag spotted a dog running alongside a pretty busy

Would You Like to Donate to Charity?

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"Would you like to donate money to this charity?" I used to hate this question. A lot. And it gets even worse if they are a good salesperson and word it differently. For example: "Would you like to support our cause to fight world hunger? We are taking donations." If they ask like this and say "no", it sounds like

Donate Clothes for a Tax Write Off

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Last week I got rid of some old movies and video games by trading them into Amazon in preparation for a move into a new apartment. The less crap I have to move, the easier it will be. This week I'm getting rid of some old clothes. We all know that you can sell your clothes at a garage sale,

I’m Spreading the Word to Help Japan. Are You?

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Japan was hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami last week. We all know this. We also know it is getting worse by the day. More people are being confirmed dead. The nuclear reactors are in a state of emergency as engineers do their best to prevent a meltdown. There is no way to prepare for this kind of devastation.

Sorry Church, I Need Tax Benefits

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In 2009, I was a good Catholic boy and donated $200 a month to my church. When you add my donations to the United Way and my alma mater, I donated close to $2,700 to charity in 2009. You know what that did for me when I started filing my taxes? Nothing. You can itemize deductions, but it