Get Married for College Money

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High school kids who need money for college spend hours upon hours filling out forms and writing essays to earn scholarships. Little do they know that the only thing they really need to submit is a marriage license form. I got this crazy marriage idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Paula, at Afford Anything. Paula started her blog just

Career Advice for Teenagers, Updated

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Don't forget to enter my $25 Amazon Giveaway before Feb 6th, 2011! Newsflash! College kids are more depressed now than ever! Awww. Poor babies. It must be hard to come to the realization that the world doesn't owe you anything after years of being told that you can do whatever you'd like, as long as you want it enough. I'm

Back to School, oh Back to School

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Why is it so hard to cheat on a test at a community college? Watch the video below and find out (or if you're at work and can't watch the video, I'll give the answer at the bottom of the post). Tommy Johnagin - Finishing College Remember my first go-round in college? Well I guess seven colleges wasn't

Stop Buying Stupid Toys and Open a 529

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A few minutes ago I sat down with my five (almost six!) year-old niece. I explained to her that instead of getting her a toy or clothes for Christmas, I put money into an account that she can use for college. I'm referring to her 529 account. A 529 account is just tax deferred savings account for educational expenses. You