How to Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview

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Telecommuting work is growing and will be here to stay post-pandemic. Over 41.6% of American jobs are now telecommuting jobs. Instead of preparing for an in-office face-to-face interview, how should you prepare for a virtual job interview? Your home is where you are most comfortable. And if you are too comfortable as you prepare for a virtual job interview, you

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4 Tips to Help You Save as a Broke College Student

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You can find a lot of content about saving for college. But what about saving in college? College is the next level; the next chapter; the next stage in your journey into adulthood. While all of the movies about college have made it seem like a four-year-long party, college can be pretty stressful. Between classes, projects, midterms, papers, and everything else that is synonymous with a higher education, many students have to worry about finances as well.

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What’s Better: Going to College or Making Pizzas?

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It just hit me the other day: my 10 year high school reunion is this year. Woah! So I'm officially not a kid anymore. I have some gray hairs, I can't workout for more than 30 minutes without feeling like I'm gonna die, and it's been a decade since I was in high school. When I think back to 10

College Kids Need Skills, Not Good Grades

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Saturday was the first day of my Ultimate league. For those that aren't familiar, Ultimate is a sport very similar to football but played with discs (don't call them Frisbees; Ultimate folks don't like to be associated with Wham-O and vice versa). photo credit: flickr.com/freestyle-frisbee/ It's a bunch of strangers coming together and playing a fun game for

Getting Late Fees Waived – How Far Do You Go?

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I had a rather unpleasant email from one of my student loan providers, MOHELA, in my inbox when I woke up this morning. We have not heard from you to assist in resolving your account status, and your account remains past due. Wow. That's news to me. Considering the fact that my student loan account is set up for automatic

Defer Student Loans Instead of Paying Them

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College is expensive. Unless you have rich, generous parents, you got the right scholarships, or you married for college money, you probably have or had student loan debt. If you still have student loans then your payments could be breaking your budget. Maybe your job doesn't pay enough or the monthly payments are just too high. You don't want to