Cut Your Own Hair and Save $240 a Year

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This article is for many of the men out there and a much smaller number of women. Using my girlfriend as a one person survey, apparently the following advice won't go over well with most members of the female gender. But here is it. Cut your own hair. photo credit: julietbanana I have a feeling there are a

0% Financing is Free Money

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I told you last week that I bought a brand new living room furniture set. It cost quite a bit of money (about $2,700) but I have some great furniture, a new TV, and actually a lot of money in my pocket. Even though I had enough money to pay for the furniture outright, I took advantage of the 0%

Amazon Sells Great Wall Mounts For Cheap!

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I've already written about my brand new TV that I bought as an open box item from Best Buy, and how I saved 15%. I forgot to mention that the salesman tried to sell me a very expensive wall mount and some ultra expensive HDMI cables for the TV. I obviously declined. That stuff is SO MUCH CHEAPER on Amazon.

Open Box Items Save Tons of Money

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Have you ever bought a brand new TV? I have. In fact, I got one a few days ago. When I moved into my new apartment and bought a living room set, the deal included a brand new TV from Best Buy or a $645 gift card. I wanted a new TV, but I didn't want the one they were

The Worst Way to Buy a Birthday Present

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I need to start today's post by wishing a very special Happy Birthday to Tag. She turns 24 today, which means she's a year older than she was, but still two years younger than me. Which means I have a hot younger woman for a girlfriend, which is awesome! In the past Tag and I have done things together for

Stop Stealing My Money Brother!

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Don't you hate it when Brother steals from you? No, I'm not talking about your biological brother. Although, if your biological brother is stealing from you, I suggest beating the crap out of him if you are significantly bigger and/or tougher than him, or putting ex lax in his chocolate milk just before he goes on a first date with