Higher Teacher Salaries Won’t Improve Education

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A few weeks ago I got into a fiery exchange on twitter with my friend TeacHer about teacher pay. She thinks teachers should be paid more, while I think overall teacher pay should remain flat or even go down. You can read TeacHer's opinion at her website if you'd like. She's a teacher and I'm not, so it may seem

Japan Might be More Screwed Than America

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This is a guest post from Nelson at Financial Uproar, one of my favorite personal finance blogs. If there are any oldtimers here, this is the kind of writing I used to do (aka funny) when I started my blog two years ago. If you miss the sarcastic humor I used to inject in my posts, you'll love this one!

4 Reasons We May be Headed for a Recession

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This is a guest post from William Cowie. He's a new personal finance blogger AND he's helping out with the Plutus Awards ceremony this year. Enjoy his guest post!!! O crap! Not again! Didn't we just have one? If any of those thoughts went through your mind when you read the headline, you're in good company. But let's cut the

Other “American Government Bubble” Investments

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As you probably know by now I'm very worried about the growing American Government bubble and I believe that investing in dividend paying companies in countries with a trade surplus is the safest way to put money in the stock market. But the stock market isn't the only place to invest. If you want to ensure your money retains it

Emerging Markets are Safer than US Savings Bonds

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If you believe conventional wisdom (the same "wisdom" that didn't predict the housing bubble bursting or the Great Recession) then some of the safest places to put your money are savings accounts, US Savings Bonds, CD, Treasury Bills or Treasury Bonds. The problem with conventional wisdom is that all these investments are only safe if the dollar is safe. If

Your Investments Are in Big Trouble

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This is the first of a four-part series where I'm going to make some pretty unconventional investment recommendations. Today I'm going to tell you the "problem" and during the rest of the week I'm going to tell you how I think you can make money off the problem. I believe this is one of the scariest economic times in recent

Paul Ryan is a Fiscal Liberal

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If you've listened to 37 seconds of Rush Limbaugh then you've surely heard him criticize Barack Obama for being a socialist. If you've watched 83 seconds of Fox News, you've certainly heard Republican politicians lambasting Barack Obama and other Democrats for expanding the size of government. And yes, Barack Obama has absolutely increased the size of the federal government. In

Would You Destroy An Entire Industry?

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Imagine you invented something incredible. As an example, let's say it was Super Toothpaste. I'm not talking about a competitor to Crest; I mean a toothpaste so good that anyone who uses it will never have cavities again. This imaginary Super Toothpaste is so good that using it would effectively replace ever needing to visit a dentist again.

It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

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When I was in high school and college, the topic of marijuana legalization was a popular one. And for a long time I disregarded the people arguing for legalization. I really didn't even listen to their argument, because everyone I knew who would take the pro-marijuana stance was someone who used the stuff. I always saw a conflict of interest

Freedom Cannot Coexist With an Income Tax

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If you've been paying any attention to the politics of the Republican Presidential Primary, you may have heard Ron Paul give one of his favorite one liners when talking about the income tax especially us individual tax. I'm paraphrasing because I can't find the actual quote, but it goes like this: Some people complain that 50% of Americans pay no