Review: The Millionaire Next Door (Updated)

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What comes to mind when you hear the word, “millionaire?” Do you think of working-class people vying to win $1 million on a game show? Or, of rich people in mansions breaking open Faberge eggs for breakfast? Well, achieving wealth isn’t about money, its about your mindset regarding money. That is the point of the 1997 book The Millionaire Next

$100K Wealth Isn’t The Ultimate Goal, Financial Literacy Is

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Personal finance education is often called the key to increasing the financial stability of millions of Americans.

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Why You Shouldn’t Go to College

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President Barack Obama has been in the news recently as he invited more than 100 college presidents to DC in an attempt to expand college access, especially to low income students. "More than ever a college degree is the surest path to a stable middle class life," Obama stated. I have a few problems with this. First, when did the

Higher Teacher Salaries Won’t Improve Education

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A few weeks ago I got into a fiery exchange on twitter with my friend TeacHer about teacher pay. She thinks teachers should be paid more, while I think overall teacher pay should remain flat or even go down. You can read TeacHer's opinion at her website if you'd like. She's a teacher and I'm not, so it may seem

Skills, Not “Education”, Make You Money

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Today while I'm at work I'm going to spend some time talking with a senior manager about taking a new job within the company. My goal is to move into the Mobile Phone and Tablet division because I believe mobile software is the future of technology. I want to get into the field while it's still relatively new so I

Put Every Extra Dollar into Paying Down Debt

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I paid off $33,850 of student loan debt in just over four years. Here's Part 3 of how I did it. My first step in paying off student loans was to aggressively pay off my high interest debt. The next step was to make minimum payments while I (unsuccessfully) invested in the hopes of higher returns. The third and final