How I Saved $1.53

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I was at the grocery store and instead of buying my usual brand of sandwich bread, I bought a different kind that was a little bit cheaper. Savings: $1.53. Booyah! Then as I passed by the candy aisle, I saw some Milk Duds. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I thought, "I just saved $1.53 on bread... I should treat myself to some delicious chocolate-caramel

Whatever Wednesday: Goals and Weekend Update

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This week's Whatever Wednesday submissions were pretty light. I'm thinking it's because of the holidays. Or maybe it's because I didn't beg this week like I usually do. Just remember, I'll write about anything you want me to as long as you tell me what to do on twitter or facebook Tuesday nights. Let's get started with the first of

Fat Kevin: Workout March Month Expedition Extravaganza

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I have bad news, good news, and more good news. The bad news is, I completely failed in my February goal of flossing and whitening my teeth. I used the Crest Whitestrips for two days and my teeth were so sensitive it was unbearable, so I had to stop. As far as flossing was concerned, I did more than usual

20 Financial Milestones for your 20s

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I'm starting to think about my 2011 goals, and as I was reading through some of my favorite blogs, I found this interesting list from Gen Y Wealth of 20 Financial Milestones for your 20s. I found the list after one of my favorite bloggers, meinmillions, posted the list and her answers. Call me a sucker (like those people on

Thousandaire Goals – 10/31/10

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This is my second weekly goal update, and I've already realized it is pretty boring. I'm going to move this to a monthly post and make it much more entertaining from now on. I apologize in advance for the lameness of this post, and wouldn't blame you if you stopped reading right now. Alexa Ranking: Goal - 200,000 or lower;