Can Skinny Health Insurance Plans Make Health Care More Affordable?

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On Tuesday, February 20, the Trump Administration proposed a new health care plan, and administration officials say that the plan will help bring health care costs down for many working Americans. President Trump made his opposition to Obamacare a core tenet of his campaign, and while the Affordable Care Act is still officially the law of the land, the Trump

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Protect Your Teeth to Protect Your Wallet

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Who knew Ultimate Frisbee could be a dangerous sport? I was playing Ultimate Frisbee about 10 days ago, which for those who haven't heard of it is like a combination of soccer and football, only played with a Frisbee. photo credit: CasparGirl I was out on the field having fun and playing defense, when a guy standing about

The Free Market Can Fix Healthcare

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You may have read in the news that the Obama administration is delaying implementation of portions of Obamacare because they are too complicated and are simply not ready to go into practice on the timelines originally passed in the law. While some portions are being delayed, other parts of the law are in full effect already. Now I'm just wondering;

If You Want Birth Control Then Buy it Yourself

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I've heard just about enough about this fight over the Obamacare mandate that all heath insurance must provide birth control without a co-pay. It's even spreading into the personal finance world with Sandy's article Stay Out of My Uterus. I need to address it because if I don't my head is going to explode! If you don't want to read

Saving Money For the Future Doesn’t Matter if You’re Dead

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How bad would it suck to be financially responsible all your life, diligently saving money all your life for retirement only to find out that you have cancer and only have a few months to live? It would suck harder than an a capella Black Eyed Peas concert. That's why a big part of being financially responsible is being health

“Free” Birth Control is not Free

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If you were paying very close attention to the news earlier this week, you might have heard some medical news. Oh no Kevin! Not another post about health care. Your last one didn't go too well... Well don't worry, because this isn't a health care post. It's an economics post that just happens to be about a health care product.