To Make Money Honestly is the Highest of Virtues

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I was a General Business major during the first semester of my freshman year of college. At one point during that semester I thought to myself, "40 years from now, I don't want to look back on my life and say 'I made a bunch of money'. I want to say I helped people and made a difference." I changed

Man Claims Home for $16, Neighbors Are Pissed

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It pays to know the law. No, I mean it really pays. A guy found a loophole in Texas law and claimed a $330,000 home by filling out a form and paying $16. I don't even think Warren Buffett can turn $16 into $330k. That's a 2,062,500% return on investment! The bank that owned the mortgage foreclosed on the owner,

Glee Philosophy – Should You Run Away From Your Problems?

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I blog about Glee because I love this stupid show and actually fully intend on being a cast member one day. If you don't watch it already, well set your Tivo because it's awesome. Tonight's episode centered around Kurt (who is the only openly gay guy in his school) and the school bully, Karofsky, who is a homosexual but is