Race to $1 Million – July 2012

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You might remember that this was a big month for me because I paid off the last of my student loans in June. While it was a big hit to my checking and savings accounts, it's nice to finally be debt free. But was paying off $7,000 of debt and getting 3 paychecks this month (yay for 5 Fridays) enough

Race to $1 Million – June 2012

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Before I get into the really bad news about my net worth, I want to get into some great news about an article I wrote a little over a week ago. Brian Banks, the guy who was falsely accused of rape by Wanetta Gibson and lost 10 years of his life now has tryouts with four different NFL teams, an

Race to $1 Million – May 2012

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This month is going to be a doozy of an update. Here are a few of the things that happened last month: The Hoff had a bachelor party in Vegas that we both attended (where The Hoff drank heavily while I drank water) I had a vacation in Mexico The stock market was not very kind I Won't Be Catching

Race to $1 Million – March 2012

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Question: What happens when the stock market goes up, you receive 12 months worth of a 401k match and you get a tax refund all in the same month? Answer: That's what you get. Two guys combining for a net worth increase of over $25,000 in 31 days. I'm pretty freaking excited about breaking the $50k mark. In fact I

Race to $1 Million – March 2012

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I've been updating my Race to $1 Million for about 18 months now. And before I focus on this month's results (which are awesome), I want to spend a few minutes reflecting on how far I've come in the last 18 months. I first introduced the competition on September 22nd, 2010. My blog was so popular at that point I

Race to $1 Million – February 2012

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Hold onto your hats folks. This was a CRAZY month for the Race to $1 Million. Let's review some of the really huge things that have happened in the last 31 days. The Good Stuff for Me I was paid back on a $3k personal loan I made about $2k in revenue from my web businesses Thanks to my commitment