Race to $1 Million – 2011 Results

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The results are in, and after one year of racing The Hoff to $1 million dollars, I won I'm still losing by over $22,000. You might remember that my goal for 2011 was to get within $20k of The Hoff. That obviously didn't happen, but I did gain $5,499 on him. That's not a bad start. I also have a

Race to $1 Million – December Update

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I have good news and I have bad news. The good news: I beat The Hoff this month and my net worth went up! The bad news: I'm still almost $3,000 behind my goal of pulling within $20k in 2011. Here's the slightly belated scorecard for the beginning of December, 2011: I love beating The Hoff in the monthly races.

Race to $1 Million – November Update

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The Race to $1 Million is a monthly series where Kevin McKee and The Hoff post net worth updates. The first person to reach $1 million in household net worth wins an undetermined prize. Can I get a "WOOT!" for the stock market this month. Holey freaking baloney this month was awesome. I can't hold back any longer, so here's

Race to $1 Million – October Update

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One of my student loans is gone! I've stated before that I'm not comfortable with investing in the stock market right now. There's too much global uncertainty, and it doesn't make sense while I have a bunch of debt to pay down. I took my first step towards paying that debt off when I paid off a student loan worth

Race to $1 Million – September Update

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The stock market is freaking killing me! I've been a risky investor for as long as I've had money, and it has always seemed to work out for me. That is, until the last few months. I had some bad performance on a few things over the summer. I understand the market goes up and down, and I typically don't

Race to $1 Million – August Update

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What do you get when you cross a large German man with an itty bitty Midwestern girl? A great month for me in the Race to $1 Million, that's for sure. The Hoff spent much of the month of July in Hawaii wooing his girlfriend into marrying him. That's right, The Hoff is engaged. Luckily for me and our race,