Race to $1 Million – July Update

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I'm a little late on this month's Race to $1 Million update, but I needed a little bit of extra time because I have to make a confession. But before I get to the confession, here are this month's results. Kevin – $26,674.75 (+$1,534.09) The Hoff – $50,536.00 (-$3,000.00) Difference – $23,861.25 (+$4,534.09) I am destroying the Hoff. I've probably

Race to $1 Million – June Update

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Some bloggers might be embarrassed to give this month's update. I'm proud of it. Before I say any more, let me just give you the damage. Kevin – $25,140.66 (-$5,347.18) The Hoff – $53,536.00 (-$3,776.00) Difference – $28,395.34 (-$1,571.18) I lost a lot of money last month. Well, to say I lost it isn't really a good description; I know

Race to $1 Million – May Update

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Another new month means another update to the Race to $1 Million. If you are unfamiliar with the contest, I am racing my friend and stock picker The Hoff to $1 million in net worth. Every month I provide an update of where we stand and discuss a few ways that I can get to $1,000,000 faster. Last month, The

Race to $1 Million – April Update

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For those of you who are new to this series, I am racing The Hoff to $1 million in net worth. He started the year beating me by about $28k but last month was a great month for me. It was like The Hoff was Charlie Sheen and I was the Detroit audience; he was awful and I was just

Race to $1 Million – March Update

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In my Race to $1 Million, I have exceptionally mediocre news, and then I have just plain exceptional news. I'll give the mediocre news first; if I were in a metaphorical boat racing towards $1 million, I'd be in a paddle boat. Without paddles. I'd be trying to propel my metaphorical paddle boat by putting my face in the water

Race to $1 Million – February Update

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Don't forget to enter my $25 Amazon Giveaway before Feb 6th, 2011! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I’m racing The Hoff (my weekly stock picker-staff writer) to $1 million in net worth. If you remember from back in January, my goal for 2010 was to get within $20,000 of The Hoff. He