Pandora Has Comedy and I Have Financial Spreadsheets!

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A good friend of mine took me out to dinner tonight (thanks Fat JJ!) and I was telling him about my website and how I surprise myself with my ability to write a new article five days a week. I was raving about my creative genius and my ability to write something awesome and creative every day. And of course,

Totally Money Blog Carnival #13

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As you may know, the federal government almost shut down this weekend. If it weren't for a last minute resolution, about 800,000 federal workers would have been temporarily jobless. You may not have followed the events that transpired last week, so I'm here to give you a recap. And what better way to do it than to combine it with

Financial Motivation Blog Swap Round-Up

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Hello friends. I bet you weren't expecting a weekend post! Well today I have the pleasure of hosting the fifth Yakezie Blog Swap. Twenty two of the best personal finance bloggers on the internet have come together to answer one question: What is your Financial Motivation? These bloggers are letting you into some of their deepest personal thoughts and motivations,

Commenters Rock!

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You may have noticed that I added a list of my top 12 commenters at the top right of all pages on my site. I did this because I L-O-V-E comments. On some days I get really busy and don't reply to every single comment, but I definitely them all (I actually have every comment emailed to my phone so

Track Shoes = +$250

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As you're probably aware, I entered the Second Chance contest with my story about buying track shoes. As you can see in the video above, it was a ridiculous purchase and honestly one of the dumbest things I could have bought. Why am I so stupid?!?! Except it wasn't that dumb because it helped me win $250! At least