The Cost of Bachelor Party Drinking

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A few weeks ago I wrote about why I don't drink. Among all the reasons I mentioned, I didn't even touch on how much money you can save if you don't drink alcohol. I spent the last four days in Las Vegas for a bachelor party and I saved a lot of money by not drinking. I already

Protecting Yourself is a Great Investment

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A few days ago in Dallas a 14 year old boy who broke into a man's home was shot and killed. A few months ago a 24 year old man was shot and killed by an 18 year old mother protecting herself and her baby. These homeowners were prepared to protect themselves, their family, and their property. I hate that

What If You Bought Every Lottery Ticket?

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You've probably heard about the huge Mega Millions jackpot. Right now it's sitting at about $500 million. If you want the immediate cash payout you can get $359 million. That's a nice chunk of change. I don't play the lottery because I have a degree in Mathematics. I understand how absurd the odds are and if I'm going to waste

Why Do Women Always Need New Dresses?

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Last week I was at a wedding where my girlfriend Tag was the maid of honor. She looked absolutely gorgeous with her hair and nails all done up, but most importantly her dress was freaking beautiful. She looked so incredible, and I found myself already looking forward to seeing her in that dress again. Then it hit me. I forgot

Used Appliances are The Best!

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I have one word on how to get cheap appliances, specifically your washer and dryer set. Craigslist. I purchased my current washer and dryer set for $28.33. I was living with two roommates and we bought our set off Craigslist from a couple who bought new appliances and just wanted to get rid of the old one. The total cost

Valentine’s Day is All About Presentation

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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so if you are a man and you have a girlfriend or wife, you should probably plan something. I know there are a lot of people who hate Valentine's Day. "It's just a stupid commercial holiday to get you to spend money." I have a different take on it. It's an opportunity to do