can you refund apps

I am not an app fanatic. Yes, we all have them. However, I use some in a utilitarian sense. I don’t spend all day religiously downloading apps. Also, can you refund apps?

Most people don’t ask that question because they are too busy using them. I have apps for finances and favorite magazines.

Also, I have a mixology app to help me learn new mixed cocktails and drinks that I am fond of. No. I am not cool.

App Usage 101

I know that most people download various kinds of entertainment and gaming apps. Some people spend over 90% of their usage time on mobile device using an app.

Google Play and the Apple App Store comprises almost 6 million of the available apps on Earth. Just those two companies alone.

The average apps that you pay for cost anywhere from $0.49 to $0.88. Still, over 98% of the apps that generate the most business revenue are free.

Most apps are basic games or downloads that must be upgraded or added to for enhanced play for a price.

For example, a free app may require new, regular, and incremental payments to unlock features, improve graphics quality, or buy other advertised virtual products.

It’s an effective tactic for people addicted to apps. The mobile app industry will generate almost $200 billion by 2020.

So, can you be refunded for app purchases? Well, it depends on the situation.

Can You Refund Apps?

Well, the short answer is it depends. For one thing, most people don’t think about it or just take it for granted that they can’t.

You can refund an app if it doesn’t work optimally or if the maker allows it. And then, only under their conditions.

Or, if the app was accidently purchased. Even that wasn’t a given reason for an app refund until a California District Court mandated it in a 2016 class action lawsuit.

In 2012, a family in California sued Facebook after two young children in the family spent almost $2,000 buying unlockable features in app games like Farmville and Ninja Emblem via a discontinued currency called Facebook credits.

The parents didn’t know real money was required to buy the digital tokens. Meanwhile, the young children didn’t understand the consequences of buying these features.

The parents allowed the children to use a credit card once to buy $20 in FB Credits. After that, the kids kept buying new app features.

As a result, Facebook now has a special refund request feature for apps accidentally purchased by minors.

The Other App Makers

Whether or not you can get a app refund depends on the terms of the app makers.

Apple’s App and Mac App Store

You must make a request and you must state that the app isn’t working to get a refund.

Google Play

As long as you request a refund of the app within two hours of purchase, you’ll get a refund no questions asked. There is no guarantee of a refund two hours after purchase.

These app makers do not extend refunds under any circumstances:

• Amazon App Store
• Nintendo eShop
• UbiSoft Upplay

You can always request a refund or contact a customer service representative. However, you have to abide by the terms of the app maker. So, read the fine print before purchasing that app.

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