The only people who are more miserable than those who complain about it are those who remain silent.

I don’t have to tell you that there is a lot to miserable about today. The coronavirus has changed life irrevocably on a global scale.

There has been so much politicization of the issue, but I think that is a distraction. I think people are in cultural and societal grief about the coronavirus and they are in denial.

The year 2019 might as well be 1919. Life as we previously knew it will never return to the normalcy we once knew.

The traditional office as we know it will never be at full capacity again. Not until a vaccine is found. And, telecommuting is becoming the new work norm.

About 63% of Americans are now telecommuting on an occasional or full-time basis, especially as, “nonessential workers.” In fact, almost 42% of jobs in the United States can be done remotely now.

The average telecommuter can make $68,000. A telecommuting computer software developer can make as much as $83,000.

For a lot of people, telecommuting is a fringe practice. And, they are waiting for the normalcy of 2019 to return post-coronavirus, whenever that happens.

Well, that isn’t going to happen. It’s more financially prudent to focus on a new normal for a better future in a cruel new world.

Over 53 million Americans have lost their jobs since March 2020. Mortgage and rent eviction protections enabled by the CARES Act ends soon. Tens of millions of Americans face eviction in the coming weeks.

The $600 unemployment benefits are ending too. If they are extended, they may be reduced to $200.

There is a lot more misery to come. Consider monetizing your skill in telecommuting.

Here is a sweet opportunity.

Telecommute in Barbados for a Year

I mentioned misery before for a reason. One of the greatest perks of owning an American passport was the ability to go anywhere.

Well, that was before the confirmed 4.2 million coronavirus infections, and counting, in the United States.

Americans are now banned from traveling to the E.U., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and many other countries for the foreseeable future.

Barbados, however, is very welcoming.

You may be able to live in Barbados for a year as long you telecommute to make a living.

Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley may soon legislate the “Barbados Welcome Stamp,” program. Mottley has talked about the initiative in recent speeches and is expected to launch the program soon.

Over 40% of the economic activity in Barbados is generated through tourism.

As of this posting Barbados has less than 110 coronavirus infections and less than 10 deaths.

If eligible, you would have to test negative for the coronavirus 72 hours before arrival and possibly self-quarantine for 14 days.

Check the Barbados Government Information Service website regularly to learn how to apply.

I don’t pretend to suppose that such an opportunity would be appropriate to everyone. My point is that telecommuting is fast becoming the norm.

Twitter allowed its employees to telecommute indefinitely in May 2020. Google will allow its employees to telecommute for another year.

Attain some new skills, get some online certifications, and learn to telecommute.

It’s a cruel new world.

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