FDH Bank, Malawi’s leading commercial bank, pledged MK3 million to the Institute of Chartered Accountants Malawi (ICAM), to finance the organisation’s annual lake conference staged in Mangochi from the 19th to the 22nd September 2019.

At the presentation ceremony in Blantyre, William Mpinganjira, FDH Bank’s Acting Managing Director, explained that as a homegrown financial institution, the bank applauds the role played by the ICAM in promoting accounting discipline throughout Malawi, which is integral to the country’s financial sector.

Mr Mpinganjira said that the ICAM’s annual lake conference brings together senior figures from various institutions and sectors in Malawi today, encouraging them to engage, teach and motivate each other. He said that the 2019 theme – Positioning for Africa’s Economic Renaissance – was extremely important, not just to the banking sector, but the country as a whole. William Mpinganjira told reporters that it was vital for the country to pool its efforts to achieve much needed economic empowerment.

As a homegrown Malawian financial institution, FDH Bank champions economic growth throughout Malawi. In recent years, FDH Bank has been proud to support ICAM. William Mpinganjira pledged that the bank will continue to do, explaining that as a chartered accountant himself, he sees great value in the work undertaken by the organisation.

Dr Francis Chinjoka Gondwe, Chief Executive Officer of ICAM, thanked the bank for supporting the organisation’s annual lake conference. He said that ICAM was very grateful for the MK3 million pledge, which will go a long way towards hosting the annual event. Dr Gondwe said that he hoped other corporate entities would emulate FDH Bank’s good example, demonstrating their value for ICAM.

About ICAM

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi is the country’s only professional accountancy organisation. All individuals who practice accountancy in Malawi must join ICAM.

Established under the Public Accountants and Auditors Act in 2013, ICAM was created through the merger of the Society of Chartered Accountants of Malawi and the Public Accountants Examination Council of Malawi, the two Malawian regulatory bodies previously governing the accountancy sector. Through training and education, ICAM strives to maintain high professional standards throughout Malawi’s accountancy industry, helping its members to serve the business community, the government, and the nation of Malawi.

About FDH Bank

FDH Bank was founded by Dr Thomson Mpinganjira, a prominent Malawi accountant, investor, and businessman, who built this leading financial institution from the ground up.

A keen philanthropist, Thomson Mpinganjira recognises the importance of corporate social responsibility and giving back to local communities. As one of the most successful Malawian businessmen of his era, Dr Thomson Mpinganjira devotes much of his time to supporting and inspiring the next generation of Malawi entrepreneurs and businesspeople, thereby promoting economic development throughout the country. In a presentation at the Seventh Day Adventist Women Leadership Convention in Blantyre, Thomson Mpinganjira gave a 30-minute talk on The Bolts and Nuts Entrepreneurship, providing 1,000 female delegates with powerful tools, information and tips on the road to successful entrepreneurship.

FDH Bank supports a variety of community projects throughout Malawi today. The organization recently pledged MK150 million in funding for student scholarships. In addition, the homegrown financial institution also donated MK2 million to support the Ufulu Festival, an event staged each 6th of July, Malawi’s Independence Day, showcasing Malawian youth arts, creativity, culture, freedom, and talent.

In 2019, FDH Bank provided MK450 million in Malawian football sponsorship, supporting Malawi’s National League Cup, with the aim of inspiring and nurturing rising football talent throughout the country.

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