3.1Many players prefer to bet in Live mode. This is not surprising. This type of sports betting allows you always respond quickly to the situation on the field and win significant sums on the difference in rates. But, at the same time, this kind of forecasts quite dangerous for the inexperienced player. Let’s try to understand what’s the catch, and how newbie gambler can avoid it.

What mistakes can make an inexperienced player by making bets in Live mode?

Haste. There is always a great temptation after the first goal scored or set won – bet on rising factor. But experienced gambler knows that often after a successful start of the team or athlete, team may lose the entire match, and you are losing money, respectively. Therefore, we should not rush to bet on sports without analyzing all the information at the first place and read useful tips and tricks for successful betting on trusted betting sites.

The orientation on the favorites. Many players believe that if Barcelona, Manchester United or any other top team playing, it most likely must win, even if they are losing at the start of the match. This is a very dangerous delusion. Even champions stumble, you need to keep that in your mind it may save you some money.

Choosing the Betting office (bookmaker). Often small bookmakers do not have time to properly change the coefficients in Live betting events, or simply make mistakes (for example, take the predictions after the match). Beginners should not deceive themselves, and take such missteps seriously. Even if mistakes were made, and, most of all, the bookmakers will cancel any bet or will not return the money. So you should choose a large and proven betting office, which guarantee payments and constantly updating coefficients in Live mode.

You need to be guided by few information sources. When Live betting on sports – you should not rely solely on the online text translation on the bookmaker website. Very often the information there appears late after the factors change, or some parts (disqualifying of the player or the appointment of a penalty) are not displayed at all. Therefore, it is better to use several sources simultaneously (TV broadcasts, popular sports sites etc).

So, beginners’ Live sports betting, can make some very hurtful mistakes. If you are just starting to make forecasts in this segment, it is advisable to begin with small sums and only then move on to the serious sports betting.

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