What’s Holding Up Your Retirement Savings? It’s You.

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Are retirement savings a priority for you? If not, why aren’t they?

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Can You Put Cryptocurrency in Your IRA?

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How’s your 401(k) or IRA doing? A typical 401(k) plan returns from 5% to 8% based on a portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds and other conservative investments. If your retirement plan is not meeting expectations, you may be tempted by the high returns of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – but should you be wary of incorporating cryptocurrency into your account?

25 Million Americans Left Behind Retirement Savings When Changing Jobs

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What happens to your employer-based 401(k) account when you leave a job? That’s for you to decide – and if you make no decision, you may end up losing hard-earned benefits.

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401k Match Day is like a Holiday

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If I could pick one day a year to repeat over and over again it wouldn't be Christmas. It wouldn't be my birthday either. Nope, the best (or at least most profitable) day of the year for me is 401k match day. My company gives a 100% 401k match for up to 6% of your contributions, and then gives an

Is Your 401k Safe From the Government?

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I recently took a loan from my 401k to buy my first house (which is closing next week and I'm super excited about) and one of the reasons I'm comfortable using 401k money now is because I have no idea what the government is going to do with retirement funds in the future. The other day I read an article

How I Plan to Retire

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Last week I wrote about how I took a loan from my 401k to help me pay for my 20% down payment on a house. Some people thought it was a great idea. I even got an email from a good friend telling me that the information was incredibly useful for him and he thanked me profusely. Other readers thought

Why I Took a 401k Loan to Buy My House

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I will be closing on my first house on December 4th, and I will be bringing a 20% down payment to my closing date. As someone who just paid off my student loans a few months ago, I definitely didn't just have $40k lying around. What I did have was a fairly substantial amount of money in my 401k. The

A 401k With Employer Matching is More Liquid Than You Think

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I want to tell you about a guy who used to work at my current job; we'll call him Liquid Larry. Liquid Larry and I talked about money quite a bit. He was pretty frugal, and always preferred to keep as much of his net worth in liquid assets. Every dollar he had to his name was in cash or

The Biggest 401k Mistakes You Can Make

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I'm Robert from The College Investor and I'm swapping blogs with Kevin today for the Yakezie Blog Swap! You can head over to my site to read Kevin's pet peeve about Roth IRAs. My biggest financial pet peeve has to do with 401(k)s and how the government tries to make it easy to save, but then gives people every way

How I Doubled the Return of the S&P 500

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Who needs Jim Cramer when you have Kevin McKee!? I just checked my 2010 401k return on investment, and it was good. Really good. For a frame of reference, Moneychimp says the S&P 500 had a 14.32% gain in 2010, which is a pretty good year considering most experts project an 8-10% annual return in an average year.