What’s More Important: A Small Waist or a Big Wallet?

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As many of you know I got engaged last year and will be getting married next May. There is a lot of planning, talking with vendors, signing contracts, and of course spending money when you are planning a wedding. There's also a lot of dieting, exercising, and getting in shape for engagement photos, trying on dresses (Tag, not me), and

It’s Time to Stop Being Fat Kevin

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I am Fat Kevin. Okay, maybe fat isn't the right word. I'm just not in shape like I used to be. My clothes still fit and everything, but I just need to, you know, tighten up a bit. I used to take off my shirt and look in the mirror before hopping in the shower with a thought such as

Check Your Bank Statements Every Month Dummy

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I was listening to a local sports radio station last week and got a surprising dose of personal finance. One of the hosts was talking about how he worked out a some gym and then decided to cancel his and his wife's memberships. He called a customer service number and asked to cancel. He was told the memberships would be

Fat Kevin: Workout March Month Expedition Extravaganza

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I have bad news, good news, and more good news. The bad news is, I completely failed in my February goal of flossing and whitening my teeth. I used the Crest Whitestrips for two days and my teeth were so sensitive it was unbearable, so I had to stop. As far as flossing was concerned, I did more than usual