Soda Makes You Fat (but it’s delicious)

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This weekend I picked up some delicious takeout BBQ at Sonny Bryan's here in Dallas because I was hungry and I'm a sucker for jalapeño sausage. Seriously, whoever came up with that combination deserves a Nobel Prize. So when I paid for the food, the lady at the cash register asked if I'd like something to drink. I said "That's

I’m So Cheap Again!

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The most popular post I've ever written was a self deprecating entry where I was so absurdly cheap that I literally spent close to an hour shaving, consolidating and melting candle wax from the edges of an old burnt candle to use that wax in a new candle. Not only was I cheap, but also dumb inefficient after my readers

I Eat Before I Go To Lunch

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I'm starting to notice a theme in my blog. First I talk about how a grilled cheese sandwich can grant wishes. Then I post about my unnatural love affair with provel cheese. And here I am, talking about food again! I love food, but I love my Mom too and I haven't even posted about her once. (sorry Mom, love

Provel Cheese is my Weakness

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A friend of mine got married this weekend. The best part about the weekend was the fact that all of his friends from out of town came to Dallas and hung out. I got to see a few people I hadn't seen in a while, and I also met some brand new folks. I was sitting at dinner on Friday