Happy National Garlic Day — Garlicky Picks from Amazon

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Did you know that it's National Garlic Day? In honor of it here are some of the yummiest garlic items available on Amazon. Garlic Prime Rib The entrees that Amazon sells includes this juicy prime rib roast from Kansas City Steak Company. Rubbed with garlic and herbs, this boneless beef is aged up to 28 days to make it extra

So You Think You Can Live on Minimum Wage? Good Luck with That!

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Minimum wage might be doable if you live with your parents or a romantic partner. But on your own, it’s really tough — be prepared to make sacrifices.

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Wine is a Better Investment than Stocks

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Have you ever been invited to a dinner party? No, I'm not talking about a booze fest at your college's frat house. I mean a party where you are going to a friend's house and they are going to feed you while you socialize. If you've ever been to one of those parties, I hope you didn't show up empty

40 Days of Eating In

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Yesterday was the first day of Lent, which means it was the first day of mine and Tag's Lenten sacrifice. There are about a billion things I could do to make myself a better person, but Tag is almost perfect so it was hard to find something we could do together. However, after a little discussion we decided that we

I Saved a Bunch of Money on Food Last Week

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Last week I wrote about how I was spending too much money on food and I wanted to stop eating out for an entire week. One week later I can report that I made it almost all week without eating out and saved a bunch of money. In June I spent $939 on eating out and groceries (which also includes

Whatever Wednesday: Stock Market Gambling and Cheese Grilled

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In case you missed it last week, I've decided that until further notice, Wednesday is going to be Whatever Wednesday on Thousandaire. I'll ask for topics on my twitter and facebook on Tuesday nights and will write about what you want to read. If you want to tell me what to do, make sure to follow me and give me

Quick Money Tip: Splurge at the Grocery Store

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When I go grocery shopping, I'm always on the lookout for good deals. If it's not on sale, I probably won't buy it. I feel like I'm saving money that way. Except I'm pretty sure it ends up costing me money in the long run. For example: My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell Coffee Ice Cream. It's

I Need Cheap Easy Delicious Man Recipes

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At some point in a man's life, he has to stop eating Taco Bell (which can have disastrous results) and start eating healthy. That point in my life is approaching very quickly. I'm sick of eating out. I'm sick of spending a bunch of money on food. I'm sick of my girlfriend yelling at me for not eating vegetables. I

Trendy is Another Word for Overpriced

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Last night I went out to a trendy restaurant in downtown Cincinnati. I'm on a business trip for work, which means the company pays for all my meals. I'm usually a boring eater. I know what I like: steak, chicken, potatoes, and bread. Maybe some fruit on the side, but I like to keep it simple. If I'm going to

Great Gifts that Don’t Cost A Lot

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My birthday was about two months ago and one of my friends sent me a present in the mail. One of the worst things about my apartment (and one of the reasons I'm glad I'm moving) is that they never tell me when I have a package. I guess they just assume I'll know to go pick up a surprise