Will You Lose Your Health Insurance Under the New Law?

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In 2018, Medicare will have $25 billion less in funding. And in 2019 about 4 million people who currently have health coverage will become uninsured — that goes up to 17 million by 2027.

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7 Things You Must Know About Car Insurance

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Are you confused about car insurance? Then you are in the right place, because this article will share with you seven things you need to know about it. Ignorance will lead to many mistakes, but thanks to this blog post you will be better informed, and therefore, capable of taking better decisions. 1 – There Are Discounts: Have you been

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How Much Does Invisalign Cost? For Me, $1,050

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Invisalign normally costs 3,500 to $8,000, with an average of just about $5,000. I got it for just $1,050. Here’s the story of how I got the price down.

Landlord Insurance Makes Renting Your Home Safer

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This is a post on behalf of Vicky One of the best ways to increase your income is to have a rental property and become a landlord. If you can find a tenant at the right price then you can not only have someone pay your mortgage and build more equity in your home, but also earn a few extra

When to Buy Long Term Care Insurance

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Sometimes when you are trying to be financially responsible you have to think about other people's finances. For my younger readers, think about your parents. What if Dad reached the unfortunate medical situation where he couldn't take care of himself? Does he have the money to put himself in a home or pay for a caretaker? Do you want to

Do Young People Need Life Insurance?

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Do young people need life insurance? I've heard this question asked more than once, and unfortunately it's a terrible question. Someone's age has very little to do with whether or not someone needs life insurance. An 18-year-old might need life insurance more than a 90-year-old, depending on their situations. Here is a list of some better questions to ask about

6 Quick Reasons High Deductible Health Insurance Rocks!

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If you have a job that offers benefits, it's probably around the time of year where you need to pick your benefits. Yesterday I talked about how I decided I didn't need long term disability insurance. Today I want to talk about how I do need Health Insurance, and why I love my High Deductible plan. Use "Health Insurance Made

Young Office Workers Don’t Need Long Term Disability Insurance

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Over the next two weeks, I have to decide what kind of benefits I want to pay for at my job. I need to decide what kind of health insurance I want (and I use my Health Insurance Made Easy spreadsheet), as well as dental and vision insurance. Do I want to contribute to my Health Savings Account? And finally,

Should Danny Get a Job?

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Last night I received a comment on my old post suggesting that high school kids should have jobs. Why was I reading comments on a 6 month old post? Because every comment comes directly to my email and I read all of them. Because I love you. So Danny found my site because he was trying to figure out if

25 Isn’t So Magical For Car Insurance

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I've always been told that I would pay way too much for my car insurance until I was 25 years old. I was paying about $80 a month for full coverage before I hit the magic number and when I woke up on my 25th birthday last May, I was expecting a magical car insurance fairy to await me in