The Durbin Amendment Wants to Steal Your Rewards

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In one of the most absurd pieces of legislation I've seen, the government is trying to regulate how much money banks are allowed to charge for providing a service. The Durbin Amendment, which was signed into law last year and will go into effect on July 21, would limit debit card interchange fees to a maximum of $0.12 per swipe.

I’m Spreading the Word to Help Japan. Are You?

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Japan was hit with a massive earthquake and tsunami last week. We all know this. We also know it is getting worse by the day. More people are being confirmed dead. The nuclear reactors are in a state of emergency as engineers do their best to prevent a meltdown. There is no way to prepare for this kind of devastation.

Government Wastes Money on Financial Literacy

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If you follow political or financial news, you probably saw the Government Accountability Office's report about redundancy in the federal government. If you've ever worked in Corporate America, you know exactly how bad redundancy can be in a large company. Then extrapolate that for something the size of the federal government. All of a sudden, finding a trillion dollars in

Should Homeless Couple Sell Super Bowl Tickets?

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Don't forget to enter my $25 Amazon Giveaway before Feb 6th, 2011! You may have heard there is a football game being played on Sunday. The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers will play Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, TX this Sunday. This game is simply the biggest sporting and television event of the year. Tickets sell for thousands of

Social Security Holiday: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Today President Obama publicly declared support for a bill in congress that would not only extend the Bush tax cuts for everyone for the next two years, but it would also extend unemployment by 13 months and give every single working American a 2% tax break in the form of a Social Security tax holiday. Now all this bill needs

The Best Way To Influence Your Tax Burden

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In the short history of my blog, I talked a bit about reducing your tax burden. This post talks about donating money strategically to itemize deductions and save more money. This spreadsheet shows the benefits of using tax deferred accounts. This is an important topic, and one that will surely get more attention in the future. There are numerous ways