Logical Fallacies of Many Stock Market Investors

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Last week I wrote about how amateur stock picks and even random stock picks have outperformed expert stock picks since January 2012. It is one of the reasons I don't trust the stock market. I realize this is not a popular opinion. Talk to any financial advisor or even your parents or grand parents, and they will tell you that

Do the Right Thing: Pay Your Mortgage

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There was a time when a man's word was as good as gold. Fast forward to today when a good amount of people, including one of my favorite personal finance bloggers, don't even feel compelled to pay someone back on a home loan worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We're talking about mortgages and how some people are walking away

Man Claims Home for $16, Neighbors Are Pissed

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It pays to know the law. No, I mean it really pays. A guy found a loophole in Texas law and claimed a $330,000 home by filling out a form and paying $16. I don't even think Warren Buffett can turn $16 into $330k. That's a 2,062,500% return on investment! The bank that owned the mortgage foreclosed on the owner,

Homes Lose Value Just Like Brand New Cars

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I am moving into a new apartment in about three weeks. Every year when my apartment lease is up, I have a decision to make: I can renew my lease, I can end my lease and rent a new apartment, or I can end my lease and buy a house. The "American Dream" part of me wants to buy a