Make it 70 by 2050!

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So I couldn't get to a brand new post tonight, so it's time once again to reach back into the archives and pull forward a post from months ago that most people haven't seen yet. This one is particularly relevant right now because our government is in danger of reaching our debt limit and defaulting on our loans. We need

Pandora Has Comedy and I Have Financial Spreadsheets!

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A good friend of mine took me out to dinner tonight (thanks Fat JJ!) and I was telling him about my website and how I surprise myself with my ability to write a new article five days a week. I was raving about my creative genius and my ability to write something awesome and creative every day. And of course,

How To Invest When You’re Clueless

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My girlfriend Tag did one of the sexiest things I can imagine earlier this year. She fully funded her Roth IRA. Thanks to some fine financial coaching by yours truly, Tag realized the importance of saving for retirement and she put $5,000 into her Roth IRA in her first year after college graduation. At the young age of 23 years

How To Retire At Any Age

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You can retire in your 20s or in your 60s. It doesn't really matter how old you are, you can absolutely retire in the next few months. You're probably thinking one of two things: either you are seduced by the "get rich quick" overtones and want a piece of the action, or you want to find out what kind of

The Biggest 401k Mistakes You Can Make

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I'm Robert from The College Investor and I'm swapping blogs with Kevin today for the Yakezie Blog Swap! You can head over to my site to read Kevin's pet peeve about Roth IRAs. My biggest financial pet peeve has to do with 401(k)s and how the government tries to make it easy to save, but then gives people every way

For Retirement, a Quick Jog to the Finish Makes Perfect Sense

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I was reading the New York Times (online edition of course) like any good nerd would do, and I came across this very interesting article about retirement savings. It warns people that most retirement calculators call for your investments to double in the last ten years of retirement. Well, duh. These calculators work on the premise that your investments double