Customer experience is the impression your customer makes of your services from the transactional interactions you make with them up to the end of the sale. Simply put, it is the opinions of the customer in regards to how you served them.

On the other hand, a customer experience strategy is the action plans you take to ensure an excellent and positive interaction while executing the services to the customer.  For instance, investing in a virtual customer contact center is a customer experience strategy.

A virtual contact center refers to a central point where the customers’ interactions are monitored remotely across all the media platforms, to provide effective and efficient technical support to them.

Here are the best practices to ensure you have an outstanding customer experience strategy.


As a business, you should have a convenient and fast way to reach your customers and get reached by them. The most important thing is to target customers when they are most interested in your business and engage with them. It is more likely to get you a sale.

To execute this strategy, you need to know and be familiar with the channels your customers use to communicate; through emails, social media, or live chats. From there, you can enhance your reachability to them at their convenience.

Service convenience

Nowadays, customers are technologically empowered to unravel new information and discover solutions for themselves. For instance, if a customer needs something during the weekend, waiting up to Monday is a service inconvenience to them.

Invest in an automated channel that allows customers to self serve before reaching out for help.

Channel flexibility

Channel flexibility is the uniformity of contextual services for the customers across all networks. A right channel approach provides your customer with an integrated and seamless experience across all the media platforms.

Getting your team together and agreeing on a clear mission on how you want the customer experience to sound and feel is an excellent way to ensuring a common ground when providing services to your customers.


For you to succeed in keeping a potential customer, paying attention to them, their likes and dislikes, and obsessing over every detail they mention is essential, additionally, by creating personas that represent your target customers.

For example, in a hotel, if a customer mentions a birthday during reservation, you may walk over the table and wish them well. Another instance is when maybe a customer returns a product because the intended user passed on, it is more advantageous to your business if you took care of the return shipping cost and send them a card or flowers to show your condolence as a business.

Such practices help you to connect emotionally with the customer and thus personalizing their experience with you. You end up with a loyal customer.

A simplified website navigation

With technological advancements, the most significant percentage of the world population are mobile users. Enhancing your website navigation and making it easy for mobile use is a pivotal practice to consider. Remember, you need to get the customer’s attention when they are most interested.

When a customer tries to navigate your website on mobile, and it doesn’t prove easy, most of them will not stick around or wait to find a desktop. They will move on to another competitor’s website that is easy to use.

The bottom line

Excellent customer experience leads to regular and loyal customers, thus growing your business more.

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