Living and working in a country other than your nation of origin can be exciting on so many levels. You get to see things you never thought you’d see, and do things you always dreamed of doing. You’re thriving, prospering, and building a life for yourself. Naturally, you want to send some of what you’re earning back home to your family so they can prosper as well.

However, sending money internationally isn’t necessarily as simple as it should be thanks to factors like costly fees and lengthy transaction times. (You need to accurately calculate conversion rates before sending as well.) You can save as many of your hard-earned dollars as possible by choosing the right methods to trust with your transfers. The following are the best, most reliable examples.


PayPal is as popular and widely used as it is for a reason. It’s trustworthy, it’s fast, and it’s reliable. You can also use it to send money all over the world with equal ease, so it’s just as convenient for sending a few extra bucks back home to family as it is reimbursing your friend for buying you lunch the other day. Currently, PayPal facilitates money transfers in 20 different currencies to over 190 different countries worldwide, so the chances are excellent that your home country is supported.

PayPal’s fees are relatively reasonable and there are absolutely no hidden fees involved, so you won’t be hit with any nasty surprises out of the blue. However, PayPal is best used for smaller transactions that don’t exceed $500 so that fees stay reasonable, especially when sending funds internationally.

Bank Transfer

If you do need to send very large amounts of money internationally, going the traditional route and arranging a bank-to-bank wire transfer is likely going to be your best bet. Naturally, both the sender and the recipient need to have standard bank accounts. You will also need a number of personal and financial details from the receiving party, like full name, account number, routing number, and bank branch number.

International bank transfers can be costly in comparison to other options, so they’re best used when sending very large amounts of money overseas. They’re also secure and relatively convenient for both the sender and the recipient. However, bank transfers can take several business days to go through from start to finish, so they may not be appropriate for emergency situations.


If you need access to a money transfer solution that works equally well under just about every circumstance, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at ShareMoney. ShareMoney specializes specifically in international money transfers, so they’ve made sure a lot of common concerns and issues aren’t problems for those who use their service. They guarantee the best exchange rates at all times, so you can easily transfer USD to Colombian pesos and rest easy in the knowledge that your family will receive as much of that money as possible. They’re also fast, with the average transaction taking only minutes, and they stand behind their services with a money-back guarantee.

Best of all ShareMoney offers a couple of different options when it comes to how the recipient can receive their cash. If a standard bank deposit is the best option, it’s doable, but so is a Western Union-style cash pickup at a designated location if it isn’t. This makes ShareMoney an especially popular option for emergencies.

You work as hard as you do so that you and all of your loved ones can live comfortably, so it’s important to make sure your money goes as far as possible. The right transfer solution can save you cash, as well as make the process of sending money more convenient in the first place.

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