Payday Loans are for Suckers

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Desperate people do desperate things. And, if you want to know how valuable money really is, try and borrow some. These are sayings that I always remind myself of when I come into financial trouble. And I was in a lot of financial trouble when I was in my 20s and 30s. Isn’t it odd how desperate people always seem

What to Do If Paying for Your Mortgage Becomes a Struggle

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Example of a type of mortgage financing that will get you into trouble. Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments? Maybe you lost your job, have trouble making your ends meet, or are facing other kinds of financial problems. Whatever the case, the experience is horrible, and the thought of losing your house can be terrifying. Luckily,

Bankruptcies Dropping Among Young, But Growing For Seniors

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New Study Shows More Retirees Unable to Stay Solvent Bankruptcy is a painful process at any point in life, but it’s especially excruciating when you are at or near retirement age. There’s no time to recover and build retirement income.

How I Fell Into (and Got Myself Out of) $40,000 Worth of Debt

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Jackson Laurel is a freelance financial writer and ghostwriter. I write about personal finances for a living, but that doesn't mean I've always managed my own money as an expert. In fact, my self-education on financial management stems directly from the youthful mistakes that put me in debt in the first place. I write about money management and dealing with

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How Much Debt Repels Daters?

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New Survey Shows Average Amounts That Turn Off Suitors Which is the worst first-date mistake – talking about an ex, eating food off your date’s plate, or mentioning that you are heavily in debt?

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This Lender Repos 1 In 3 Cars It Finances — How to Avoid This Cycle

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You frequently hear about America’s crushing student loan debt, but cars are not far behind — especially subprime auto loans.

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