How to Use Balance Transfers to Save Money

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I hate paying interest on debt (unless it's Good Debt). The higher the interest, the more I hate it. Here's a comparison of how much I hate certain APRs and certain foods. If you have high interest debt and want to stop paying so much interest on your loans, you can likely reduce your interest and save money. All you

Dave Ramsey and ShayCarl

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I hate reality TV, but I love reality. That's why I love watching ShayCarl and his popular youtube channel. If you have never heard of ShayCarl, he is one of the most popular people on Youtube. He posts a video about every day on his Shaytards Channel, and each one typically gets over 300,000 views within the first

Glee Philosophy – Should You Run Away From Your Problems?

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I blog about Glee because I love this stupid show and actually fully intend on being a cast member one day. If you don't watch it already, well set your Tivo because it's awesome. Tonight's episode centered around Kurt (who is the only openly gay guy in his school) and the school bully, Karofsky, who is a homosexual but is